The Man Who Loved A Gaunt

My short story, The Man Who Loved A Gaunt, is currently available in the anthology Dark Bard from Indigo Mosaic.

A sort of off-cut from my Shining Cities stories, it is set much further into the Latter Days than the other tales, at a time when even the Shining Cities themselves have gone and only one – Morturas – remains. As the title might imply, it’s a love story… of sorts.

At its heart, The Man Who Loved A Gaunt, was my attempt to tap into the mythology created by William Hope Hodgson in his difficult (but utterly brilliant) novel The Night Land –  one of the finest pieces of fantasy ever written – but also contains a few nods in the direction of Clockpunk, Lovecraftian horror and a few other odds and ends.

The anthology is currently available from Lulu:

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