Chilling Horror Stories

Just received my contributor’s copies of Chilling Horror Stories, available from Flametree Publishing. It’s a very handsome hardback containing a mix of new and classic gothic chillers, including my short story The Magnificat of Devils, which (in the table of contents) is sandwiched between D.H Lawrence and H.P Lovecraft.

The anthology also contains reprints of stories by Robert W Chambers, Guy de Maupassant, Edgar Allan Poe, Sheridan Le Fanu, F Marion Crawford and many others, illustrious company for me to be keeping!

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2 Responses to Chilling Horror Stories

  1. Pam Wallace says:

    Jim! Just saw your name listed as a contributor, with a link to here, so I thought I’d stop by to say hi. I believe we were in a crit group a long while back, with Tom and Ellie. Maybe even back in critters? I went by Davis then. Anyway glad to see you’re still writing!

  2. jameslecky says:

    Hi Pam, great to hear from you. Yep I’m still scribbling away whenever time permits, with the odd publication here and there. Hope things are good with you and that the world is treating you kindly.

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